Message from the chairman

The seventeen years of experience of SIPSA in livestock and the 77 years of expertise of SIMA in the agri-food business have combined in Algeria to form the largest trade show in Africa dedicated to livestock and agro-business.

The International trade show for livestock and agri-business (SIPSA-SIMA) will be held from 10 to 13 October in Algiers,Palais des expositions-Safex under the headline theme of “Issues for the development of integrated and inclusive agro business, or how to develop sustainable and competitive agri-food value chains.”

This is a major international event opening onto North Africa and the rest of the continent, positioned as a leading exhibition for business relations in the South-South agricultural sector.

This year it is expected to attract more than 20,000 trade visitors and 600 exhibitors from 30 countries.

Faced with the growth in local demand for food products, it has become a necessity to increase farming productivity. In this respect, a great many opportunities exist to intensify and improve productivity in agriculture.

Despite the fact that Algeria and Africa have over the past years experienced significant development in farming, it should still be stressed that there remains a huge shortfall in the area of farming labour. This handicap should raise awareness to the urgency of mechanising the farming sector, a measure which is likely to increase production and improve the timing of operations throughout the agri-food value chain.

The SIPSA-SIMA partnership which is emerging at the gateway to Africa offers an extensive and high-quality range of products, equipment and services and will provide an exclusive opportunity to supply solutions which are tailored and designed specifically for the development of farming resources in the North African and African regions, thereby substantially improving their farming productivity.

It goes without saying that SIPSA-SIMA aims to increase the visibility of firms towards their partners in North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and West Africa, in particular.

Guest of honour country, Tunisia.

For this 2017 edition, SIPSA-SIMA has chosen Tunisia as guest of honour and will shine a spotlight on Tunisian agriculture, thereby demonstrating the vitality and wealth of fraternal and strategic relations between Tunisia and Algeria.

The leading African exporter of olive oil in 2016 and the second in organic, exporting to 30 countries on 5 continents, Tunisia is the only African and Arabic country to benefit from the recognition of equivalence with the European Union for the export of organic products.

APIA assists about thirty Tunisian companies at the show in association with the Tunisian Ministry of agriculture, water resources and fisheries. These firms will have the chance to exhibit their products and solutions in the dairy, olive, aquaculture, fish farming and irrigation sectors. 

The goal of this support is to enable them, during individual appointments, to build business ties and meet potential clients, distributors or partners to invest in one country of the other, for Tunisians in Algeria and vice versa, and why not set out to conquer African markets together.

The agriculture and agri-business sectors in Algeria hold significant potential and continue to grow and develop. Building on their experience in the areas of aquaculture, fish farming and olive farming, Tunisian operators will share their experience and know-how in this area with Algerian firms.

It should also be emphasised that the FILAHA Innove think tank (GRFI) has since 2007 set itself the major goal of promoting our farming products through productivity and the use of innovative and sustainable technologies. It therefore makes every effort to act on the important lever of trade organisations and representation in different farming sectors.

“From promoting farm produce to the concept of integration of upstream and downstream sectors via mega-projects dedicated to the development of Saharan agriculture” are the main strategic priorities of the government which is furthermore striving to ensure that the output of fundamental research and technical breakthroughs are closely tuned to the reality on the ground.

In parallel to the exhibition, talks and presentations will be given on the themes proposed by the FILAHA Innove think tank (GRFI) and which will mainly address the “issues relating to a food safety and nutrition policy in Algeria” and “Issues for the development of integrated and inclusive agro business, or how to develop sustainable and competitive agri-food value chains”.

These talks will deal with the latest technical progress made in the farming sector and will raise topical issues in poultry, dairy and vegetable farming. Two major forums will also be held at this edition:

The FIV: North African Forum for Livestock Breeding and Health which brings together: FIFAVIC: Euro-Maghreb forum of poultry farming and FIPLAIT: a Forum addressing the dairy sector in all its facets (genetics, health, livestock equipment, nutrition, etc.).

And AGRI’SIME: Inter-professional Forum of Vegetable Crop farming which will present: a session on irrigation, AGRIAQUA”, a sessionon agricultural machinery, “FIMAG” and a session on olive farming, “Oleomed”. An OLEOMED Award will be presented, paying tribute to the results of a company which produces and transforms, and which aims to export its production.

On Friday 13 October, the show will be open to the general public. This day will be an opportunity for visitors to discover and taste local “El benna dielna” products under the banner “Let’s eat Algerian!”

Two other features of interest to the public will be the presentation of genetics in the livestock park, and the operation showcasing “young farmers” and their projects.

The watchwords of this event will be innovation and digital technology for farming.

Dr. Amine Bensemmane
Chairman of SIPSA-SIMA