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The Maghreb Europe Forum on the Poultry Industry

07>10 October 2019 - Exhibition center - SAFEX ALGERIA

Will be held alongside the SIPSA-FILAHA show.

FIFAVIC is the Maghreb Forum of the poultry sector deals with technical advances in the fisheries and aquaculture sector: Sanitary and Pathology Management, Reproduction, Genetics, Nutrition, Livestock System and Environment, Quality and transformation, Economy and Markets... and perspectives for the development of the catching fish. 

Poultry farming has become a very important industry today and requires considerable investment, both intellectual and financial. It's on this modern industry that the output of poultry production has been able to develop. The old poultry technologies in the field of refrigeration, physics and mechanics to develop, manufacture, store and distribute new presentation of poultry products and its derivatives. 

This forum will provide a platform for dialogue, sharing of experiences and exchanges between poultry stakeholders from both shores. The organizers of the forum will seek to privilege the contributions which fall under one of the 6 following axes, while leaving the possibility to each one to formulate a proposal of communication in the desired field. 

These 6 axes concerns: 

  1. The organization and the mastery of the value chain, determining factors of the commercial competitiveness of companies. 
  2. Investment in the Maghreb region: Threats & Opportunities. 
  3. The leading European countries in poultry farming, examples to follow. 
  4. Maghreb dependence on the external markets for concentrated feed for poultry. 
  5. Extension and technical support to farmers are reliable ways to reduce failures in poultry farming techniques in the Maghreb. 
  6. Diversification of poultry products (guinea-fowl, ducks, ostrich...)

Key dates to remember

15 August 2019: Deadline for submission of communication proposals (abstracts)

05 September 2019: Response of the Scientific Committee

10 September 2019: Filing of full articles for MAGVET publications (for the most interesting submissions). 

The abstract, in a word document should be sent electronically to: 

[email protected] and [email protected] 

Papers will be submitted for an evaluation by the Scientific Committee. The deadline for submission of proposals is July 15th, 2019. The authors of the selected papers will be informed before September 5th 2019 by email. Only two papers will be published on MAGVET. The Scientific Committee will be informing the concerned authors in order to write the complete articles.