1. Exhibitor registration

What are the mandatories steps and costs to register as a co-exhibitor ? Fermer

The main exhibitor may when registering or in a second time in the online exhibitors area, register one or more co-exhibitor (s). The main exhibitor must pay a fee, "co-exhibitor Pack" (corresponding to the registration of your file, listing in the official catalog (company name, address, phone, fax, contact, email) and in all exhibitors lists, one catalog, badges, an internet link on the exhibitor list, use of the SIPSA-SIMA banner and logo, privileged access to the VIP Club and International Club, a locker in the press service during the show (on request).

2. My exhibitor area

Who receives the login and password to access the Exhibitor area ? Fermer

When you book your stand, the person named as responsible for the stand will receive all the information about SIMA-SIPSA including the login and password to the Exhibitor area. 

I forgot/lost the login and/or password of my exhibitor area Fermer

Your login is the email address of your stand manager. In case you forgot/lost your password, please enter your login and click on "Password forgotten". A new password will be automatically sent to you by email (to the stand manager's email ID).

3. Stand logistics

I would like to broadcast music and audiovisual on my stand Fermer

To install a sound system with recorded CD or DVD on my stand and obtain autorization from SACEM, you need to declare it online: http://www.sacem.fr/cms/home/utilisateurs/diffuser/stand/sonorisation-stand and to send the payment before the exhibition.

If you install a sound system in the whole space or if you organize parties or musical events yourself during the show, you also need to declare it to SACEM who will send you the appropriate material for the statement of your event.

Which provisions are included in my stand equipment? Fermer

You will find all the information about your stand equipement in your participation form.

4. Admin tasks

I need a VISA Fermer

The information will be come later

5. Le Palais des Expositions, SAFEX, Algiers

7. About visitors

8. My exhibitor badge